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Parker Seward

ABOUT: Much more tender-hearted than her psychiatrist ancestor, Parker writes melancholic poetry between lines of code at a San Francisco tech startup. She yearns for a simpler time with more heroism and less tragedy.

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CONVERSATION (read after Chuck Morris):

I always liked the family feel of our reunions - even though none of us are related! Except for maybe Vicky and Alex... Oh come on, your parents have SUCH a history. I can just picture it - you know I love a good forbidden romance!


Your great-great grandfather, John Seward was the psychiatrist who tried to help his friends save Lucy - Dracula's first victim in Great Britain. When he and Van Helsing were unsuccessful, John put an end to her vampire spirit by hammering a wooden stake in her heart.


1. Which one of us is a vampire?

2. Which room of the castle holds the key to their fate?

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