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A Great British Baking Mystery

You are one of a few hopeful bakers invited to participate in a national competition to devise clever confections.

But each of you has a terrible secret.
And several of you are not very good at baking!

In this new Mystery Cafe, can you solve a mystery and flex your baking prowess (real or imagined) without revealing your hidden disgrace?

Blending interactive theatre with games and collaborative storytelling, this virtual event is a unique blend of party games and collaborative storytelling. Each player counts for a memorable and unrepeatable experience - bring your sense of adventure and a cozy beverage!

=== Mystery Cafe is a free online game. Donations of all amounts are welcome. ===

"Mystery Cafe? Online hangout? Please explain."

Rather than a typical mystery party that focuses on logic and the process of elimination, the online hangout is much more relaxed - focused on connections, hidden objects, guessing games and collaborative storytelling.

Perfect for a low-key interaction with friends, old and new!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What can I expect?

Think of a murder mystery dinner meets party game! These mini mysteries are meant to encourage interaction and personal storytelling. Difficulty ranges from scavenger hunts to guessing games. All mysteries are collaborative - but you do want to guard your personal secret if you possibly can!


How scandalous IS this secret I’m supposed to guard?

It’s the world of baking, so your darkest kitchen sins could be revealed… even as shocking as using synthetic banana flavor in your pie filling! *faint*
Secrets will be assigned when you join the Zoom hangout.


Should I bake something?

Baking is not required in order to fully participate in this game! But if you have the time and inclination, I highly recommend it. At the very least, a cozy beverage of some sort.


Should I dress up?

As with all mysteries everywhere, costumes are delightful! If you're pressed for time, an apron or hair scarf will do the trick.


What if I’ve never watched a baking show?

You have some catching up to do! But seriously, you will be able to fully participate in this game no matter how ignorant you may be of Paul Hollywood’s icy blue gaze that instills fear in the hearts of stodgy bakers. But if you’d like some recommendations, scroll to the bottom.


Can I invite a friend?

Yes! Simply forward all the information you receive (or have them sign up through the Eventbrite RSVP).


How late does the Mystery Cafe stay open?

Gameplay runs 60 minutes, followed by an optional 30 minutes to hang out and chat about mysteries, games, books, baking shows, or any other conversation that presents itself in the course of our time together. The cafe officially closes after 90 minutes.


What does Mystery Cafe cost?

The cafe is a come-as-you-are, pay-what-you-like experience. Donation links will be offered at the end of the game.


Can I book Mystery Cafe to play with my own friends?

Yes! To demo a private cafe experience, contact your mystery host at the address below.


About those baking show recommendations…

Auntie Boddy’s Top Five:

  1. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

  2. Project Bakeover (Hulu)

  3. The Big Brunch (Max)

  4. Best Home Cook (Hulu)

  5. Holiday Baking Championship (Max)


Other questions? Punch your details into the form below to reach out.

To schedule a demo for your office, family reunion or remote team, kindly request one:

Thank you for your request! Your mystery host will be in touch.

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The Five Orange Pips (British for "seeds") is a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery. In it, the five pips serve as a warning... danger is imminent!

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