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Join us for a virtual mystery, dinner theater style! This is gaming theater and online party planning for people who like mysteries, food, and each other.

Book tickets for an upcoming murder mystery party, or contact us to plan your own.

HOW IT WORKS virtual murder mysteries are conducted over Zoom!

First, characters are assigned (each guest plays a role in the story) and clues are dispersed.

During the course of the party, your host facilitates the flow of the night as clues are revealed, theories are discussed and disproved, and ultimately a killer is discovered. 

Purchase tickets to an existing party, or schedule your own! We love collaborating on special events for families, friends and corporate teams. 

Email us: for more information about creating your own mystery party - either virtual, in person or a hybrid!


For optimal Zoom function:

1. Set up your party environment in an area that is quiet and well lit.

2. Please no more than two people per screen. 

3. If two people are in the same room but joining from separate devices:

a) use headphones

b) sit far enough apart that voices don't feed through both mikes.

c) if headphones aren't an option, keep Zoom from connecting to audio on one device. 


Visit our Pinterest boards for ideas on costume, decor and food.

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