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Bond with your people

Not your average Zoom! This immersive take on a roleplaying game will maximize your precious time and memories made with friends, family, and co-workers in a virtual environment.
This party may be murder, but it’s never dead.

Mystery stories, problem-solving, delightful people and making memories are our passion at SoMysterious.

In this virtual Zoom mystery party, YOU play a key role in the story! Not only do you get to connect with intriguing citizens from around the world, but the new Boddy Mansion experience lets you explore the mansion and find clues on your own.

All within the easy-to-navigate Zoom platform!

It's a unique virtual environment that's full of surprises.

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When you join a virtual mystery, the games begin right away. Meet your fellow players, choose the role you will play, and receive your unique scripted clues. After a round of introductions, you'll begin to perceive that all is not as it seems.

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Boddy Mansion is the scene of the crime, but which room? Use Zoom breakout rooms to explore the infamous secret passages leading to mysterious surprises and curious discoveries. 


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Auntie Boddy

Lover of parties, people and mysteries.

Only a slightly evil genius.

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For Halloween this year, I tried to break out my best Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse, for a Murder Mystery Party on Zoom. My costume didn't look anything like Willem Dafoe, and my impression didn't sound anything like Willem Dafoe, but I had a blast nonetheless. And I even solved a murder!


The most fun I've had on Zoom! The most fun I've had in the pursuit of justice!

I see why The New York Times said such good things. Everyone was so creative in different ways. I was cracking up the whole time.

mystery fan heather.jpeg


It was like the game Clue and really fun. Highly recommend this.


My first Mystery Party was a happy surprise! I’d always wanted to try one and was not disappointed: everyone was very welcoming, I could relax and enjoy the fun and even make new friends! Perfect entertainment, a no-pressure environment and easy for newbies like me to pick up and fit right in. I highly recommend giving them a shot!


Highly engaging - will do this again - SO MUCH FUN!

Tickets are limited; one per guest.
Running time is 90 minutes.
Guests age 12 and under are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult.

100% survival rate

No two mystery dinners are alike, and surprises are guaranteed.
We can't wait to meet you and accuse you of murder!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've never played Clue?

No prior experience is expected or required! Everything you need to know about our story world and the game process is baked into the experience.
Mystery Dinners are friendly fun with an edge of effort. For best results, come with an adventurous attitude and a willingness to ask questions!

What do we do at a virtual Mystery Party?

The entire mystery party happens live over Zoom. Guided by Auntie Boddy, you will take turns reading your scripted portion of the dinner conversation, exploring breakout rooms and making suggestions to discover what everyone else at the party knows. Once you think you know what happened, send your accusation to Auntie Boddy in a private chat and find out Whodunnit!

Can I do this with my friends?

Yes! Friends can purchase tickets to the same show or schedule your own private party just for you. We will work with most budgets, but the base cost for a 90-minute party is $200. A 30-minute happy hour starts at $75.

Is there an in-person mystery party I can join?

In-person mysteries pop up periodically! To bring one to your neighborhood, write us an email and request it:

How do I know if this is for me?

There’s a degree of uncertainty in every new experience. This may not be your kind of mystery.
But as with all mysteries, the only way to find out is to explore that dark hallway, follow your missing friend into that creepy basement and figure out what’s at the bottom of it all.


One thing we can guarantee: we have a 100% survival rate.
If for some reason you need to cancel due to a schedule change, illness, or hurricanes (it happens), we will happily extend alternate dates, schedule a new show to accommodate you, or extend a refund if both of these options fail.
Our mission is to help alleviate your stress, not increase it.


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