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Murder mysteries are challenging and entertaining, but they also create a context for connection!


Consider your next team training in the context of a mystery party (virtual or in person). We facilitate parties, quests and game shows for teams - featuring:

1. A trained host

2. Planning conversations to highlight your goals for the event

3. Followup tools to maximize the time

4. Tangible takeaways for each participant


Mystery parties run 60-90 minutes, either in person or a hybrid with hosts joining remotely. Virtual games take place over Zoom.


For a mystery quest (scavenger hunt), all you need is a smart phone and the Voxer app.

Cortney Matz community building.png

Our mystery games are entirely live, with players taking on a role in the story, and working in collaboration (and competition) with the host and each other.


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Looking for clues? Schedule a conversation with Cortney to see if this is a good fit:

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