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Connection Bingo

a mystery of human proportions

Who has traveled to Virginia (ATD headquarters)?

Who is a dancer?

Who has caught and cooked a fish?

Who is a collector?

Who can say "Synecdoche"?

Who is bilingual?

Who can show an item with ATD or ASTD on it?

Who is a baker?

Who can show us a photo of their pet?

Who hates pineapple on pizza?

Who is reading a T&D book?

Who can show us a Training award?

What is YOUR superpower?

Enter it below.

Who has lived outside the United States?

Who loves dark chocolate?

Who is a wine snob?

Who has an ATD certification?

Who is a plant parent?

Who can show 

a family photo with minors?

Who can balance a book on their head and cross the room?

Who is double-jointed?

Who can juggle

3 items?

Who is drinking now (and what beverage)?

Who is a singer?

Who has an Education degree?

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