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Heather Harker, Esq.

ABOUT: Putting a spiritual emphasis on her own legal practice, Heather is a public attorney by day and a yoga instructor by night. Unlike her twin brother, Heather is a little embarrassed by her family legacy and prefers to highlight their practical contributions to education and the church.

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CONVERSATION (read when prompted):

Darn, I knew I was forgetting something! Relax dear brother, as our spooky Aunties told us again and again, the only vampires left are working in Washington. Let's all take a deep cleansing breath, shall we? Alex, back me up - Van Helsing?

UNIQUE KNOWLEDGE: Your great-great grandmother Mina had a best friend named Lucy, who was Dracula's first victim in Great Britain. He first appeared at her window as a bat, attacking her as she looked out.


1. Which one of us is a vampire?

2. Which room of the castle holds the key to their fate?

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