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Vicky Holmwood

ABOUT: Descended from the brave Lord Godalming, Vicky now holds a posh flat in London as a PR executive. She has taken on the role of reunion coordinator, keeping in touch with the slayers' grands and great-grands. She writes the newsletter and organizes a picnic every year.

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CONVERSATION (read when prompted):

Remember the time when Alex's mom found bats in the barn and was convinced they were trying to suck our blood? It didn't help that she had a terrible headache and couldn't sleep, but I'm pretty sure it was just hay fever. Even so, she carried that cross everywhere. Chuck, how are your folks?


Your great-great grandfather Arthur Holmwood was in love with a young woman named Lucy - but he wasn't the only one. When she fell prey to Dracula, becoming a vampire made Lucy irresistible. Her charm and allure were magnified.


1. Which one of us is a vampire?

2. Which room of the castle holds the key to their fate?

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