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Jason Harker, Esq.

ABOUT: Like his great-great grandfather, Jason is an attorney in New York. He doesn’t manage much real estate, but he does arbitrate copyright. Harker is proud of his heritage and keeps a copy of Jonathan Harker’s diary on the mantle by his debate trophy.  He has a sister named Heather.

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CONVERSATION (read when prompted):

Good to be here! I thought it might be creepy.
And I was right! After all the ghost stories our cousins
and uncles terrified us with with, I sort of expect
the walls to start closing in or something.
Heather, you didn't pack the wooden stakes, did you?


​Your great-great grandfather, Jonathan Harker helped kill Dracula himself - cutting off his head with a bowie knife.


1. Which one of us is a vampire?

2. Which room of the castle holds the key to their fate?

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