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Dr. Alex Van Helsing

ABOUT: After Alex’s father settled in Transylvania to teach basic hygiene to remote villages, Doc established a general practice in the mountains with a robust training program. Now working tirelessly to promote public health, but still feeling like an outsider.

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CONVERSATION (read when prompted):

Right, right - I got a little lost in thought. It is an unusual feeling, being here. A little creepy, but also - maybe nostalgic? I feel like I'm finally seeing a place that I've heard about for so long.


Your great-grandfather, Professor Abraham Van Helsing was the expert on obscure diseases who tried to protect a young woman named Lucy from Dracula. He was not successful, and after it became clear Lucy had become a vampire herself, Van Helsing cut the head off her body and stuffed garlic in her mouth.


1. Which one of us is a vampire?

2. Which room of the castle holds the key to their fate?

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