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Lady Dalrymple and her housekeeper, Maude, are very private people seldom seen outside Dalrymple Manor. But lately the stately duo has attracted attention in Crystal Cove for their weekly dinner parties.


The parties are unremarkable in themselves. But afterward, someone always goes missing.

Inspector Wembley has recruited Scooby and the gang to infiltrate the strange old house and figure out what’s going on. What's at the bottom of these disappearances?

The themed dinner party unfolds over Zoom, and is entirely live. Each guest takes a role in this mystery, forming two teams (the gang and the cronies) and exploring the mansion to find clues.


Based on everyone's favorite 70's cartoon that features a talking dog. Great fun for friends, families, co-workers and mortal enemies.


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Mystery dinners are scheduled periodically according to demand.


To be invited to attend, simply email with the Subject heading: Add me to your guest list!

To book a private dinner party for your family celebration or office party, contact us here.

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