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1. Plan in advance.

A simple homemade meal that reheats well or a tasteful pre-order from your favorite local restaurant is perfect for a murder mystery dinner party.


2. Ease of eating.

You will have a full hour to enjoy everything on your plate, so it should be a relaxed meal. But something that requires two hands like steak or spaghetti could prove an unnecessary challenge while also solving clues. 


3. Be flexible.

Timing can be tricky in the kitchen, but try not to worry about having everything just so. If you need to excuse yourself for a moment, please feel completely free to do so. We'll help catch you up on anything you missed.


4. Remember the purpose.

Sharing a meal has two benefits. In addition to the camaraderie of gathering around a dining table, it also slows the conversation enough that we can enjoy ourselves and not feel so focused on solving clues and figuring out problems.

Mystery Dinners are a little more social than an escape room or a board game. 


5. Take a break.

Bear in mind we will have a brief intermission midway, so if you need a refill or a visit to the powder room that will be built into the flow of the evening.

For further inspiration, check out some tasty, easy and fun-to-look-at foods on our Pinterest boards.

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