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Calling all bakers...

Detectives, friends, mystery guests

It's coming. The Mystery Cafe: great british baking mystery is only a few weeks away.

Like it's prequel in March 2024, this interactive baking mystery promises to be full of unique personalities, colorful characters, and mischievous bakery fun.

So I need to know: are you ready?

Following the format of a certain popular television bake-off, this is Round Two of our fictitious competition: the technical challenge.

What is your favorite thing to bake?

What could you bake in your sleep, with one hand tied behind your back?

And most importantly.... what do you think your fellow bakers might NOT know how to bake?

In every mystery, there can only be one solution.

But there can be many, MANY delicious memories!

Check it out on (and find other unique experiences while you're at it - online and in cities around the world).

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