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But when do they play?

The Sound of Music fans will remember one of the first things Maria says to Captain Von Trapp after a brisk overview of his children's schedule.

"The Von Trapp children don't play, they march," replies the housekeeper with grim resignation.

Some days it feels like I am one of those Von Trapps. Too much to do, responsibilities to uphold, and no time to play.

How did that happen?

Why is it that as I'm searching images with the keyword PLAY, I have to dig through dozens of children before I find a single grownup? It's this lady in the picture.

And she's playing with a child.

I don't have much of a takeaway for this first blog post, but it's a free thought.

I'm sure there are studies on the importance of play for human connection, stress relief and overall wellbeing. What are your thoughts? Do you find time to play?

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