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A crime has been committed, and someone is trying to destroy the evidence.

But you - a team of amateur space explorers - are not about to let them get away with it.

This immersive experience from Mystery Dinners combines the worldwide availability of our virtual gatherings with an opportunity to explore your tangible environment.

Join us for Murder Mystery Quest: Mission to Yentroc!

Play from anywhere... with anyone?

How is this possible?


Games are hosted live via walkie talkie apps and text messages. Recruit your teammates across time zones - play with friends, neighbors or strangers. It's up to you!

"Combo of scavenger hunt and murder mystery is a winner. It’s “Among Us” in real life. Smart and creative. Thanks."


Check below for tickets and availability.


In the year 2022, mysterious wormhole activity revealed an undiscovered planet in our solar system - very similar to Earth, even inhabited by creatures who look and behave like humans!


This mirror-image planet (called Yentroc by its citizens) was glad to make friends with aliens, and now in 2032 the first interplanetary space station is in orbit there. You, an adventurous group of amateur explorers, have been invited to visit!


In addition to comparing the planet's customs with your own, your mission is to gather and assess artifacts from this exciting new place. So far much of what exists on Yentroc parallels Earth. But the properties of many items are unique. You never know when you may discover a magnetic rock or an electric pinecone!


To aid your exploratory efforts, the space station's AI interface will communicate with you and scan all items for special properties.


Once your shuttle lands on Yentroc, you will need to receive access to your Collection List. Your friends and family back home are eager to see what you find!

Follow @yourmysteryquest on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok for a peek into the quest experience...


How long does this experience take?

60 minutes, give or take.

Is this appropriate for kids?

Murder Mystery Quest is family friendly, although it was designed for adults! 

Paired with one or more grownups, kids as young as 8 or 9 have had fun with the quest.


Can my teammates be together in the same place?

Yes. Teams may participate from the same location or from separate locations. Even a mix of the two - anywhere in the world!


How does it work?

On the day of your quest, you will receive an email with a list of artifacts to find on the planet Yentroc. You will receive guidance from live characters via the Voxer app.

If you have teammates in the same location, only one of you will need the Voxer app installed on your smart phone.

If your teammates are playing from separate locations, each teammate should have the Voxer app so you can communicate with each other as well as with the game.

How can multiple teammates collect items from different environments?

Each player has three environments to choose from: Home, Neighborhood and Park. So if your friend is still in quarantine while you are free to roam, you can each use the list that's appropriate to your environment - Home for them, Neighborhood or Park for you.

What do need in order to play?

All you need for the quest itself is a smart phone with the Voxer app and the ability to take photos and videos. A notepad and pen will also prove helpful.

Got another question? Shoot us an email: quest at mystery nuts dot com


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