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In a medieval twist, Training for the 21st Century teams up with Murder Mystery Quest to create a one-of-a-kind adventure in a virtual 3D simulation.

This immersive experience trains teams in valuable Change Management skills while engaging their imaginations and curiosity with a story-driven mystery.

Set in a beautiful castle, participants take on the role of Robin Hood's merry folk as they:

  • respond to major changes in the kingdom

  • work together to devise strategies and carry out missions

  • adapt to new information

  • learn to communicate and depend on one another as a team

The Change Management Mystery Quest is designed to run 4 weeks, with two 2-hour sessions per week (8 sessions total).

**Orientation and training in how to navigate the 3D environment are thoughtfully integrated for ALL levels of competence.

Take your next leadership course to the 21st century!

Play from anywhere with a computer and a web connection.

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Training sessions are hosted live with three trained facilitators. Involve your team members across time zones - the 3D world exists everywhere at once!

"I'm amazed at this world..."

"This was great. Very interesting."

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