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HALLOWEEN WHODUNNIT a virtual mystery party

Don your favorite colorful costume for this virtual mystery!

The virtual Halloween Party is taking you and a friend to the SECRETest of secret passages within the depths of Boddy Mansion...

Mister Boddy's murder has been solved a hundred times, but even after his will has been read and his assets distributed, a large chunk of his fortune remains undiscovered.

Can you apply your wits, your humor, your very goofiest GOOFYness to follow the clues and find the missing moolah?

It's a comedic adventure you can join from anywhere.

Excellent for bonding with friends and family who live too far away!

So pull up a tombstone, pour yourself a hot beverage, and let's party! FEATURING...

  • breakout rooms full of ALL NEW mansion locations to explore

  • quotes and nostalgia from our favorite mystery-themed movie

  • live music and sing-alongs

  • mini mysteries and group guessing games

  • two tracks to suit the puzzle fiends and the social gamers alike

  • an all new Boddy Mansion story

This collaborative immersive game encourages twisted thinking in the best way possible.

All with our signature interactive style where every guest is a suspect, and friends and strangers bond over the love of a good mystery! Join from anywhere with good WiFi and an open mind.

We will be meeting over Zoom, which works best from a laptop or desktop computer.

For optimal Halloween fun, why not get a group together? Tickets are 2 for $40, but special pricing applies for 3 or more. Email for details.

This party was designed for grownups, but welcomes kids 10 and older.

Come prepared to play, mingle, and let yourself be woven into a tangled web!

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