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This mystery combines authentic Old Hollywood glam with a mischievous twist that is pure fiction, for optimal tinseltown fun.

Perfect for a Hollywood outing that feels as classy as it sounds.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

Step into the shoes of your favorite classic film stars.

Revisit the sights, sounds and scandals of Hollywood pioneers.

Dine in style as you trade secrets with your fellow guests.

This party may be murder, but it’s never dead.


Mystery stories, problem-solving, delightful people and making memories are our passion at SoMysterious.

For The Golden Age of Hollywood, we team up with April Clemmer, creator of the Old Hollywood walking tour.


Combining a good old fashioned party with the intrigue of a mystery and the sparkling discovery of Hollywood's film history, this is a recipe for a memorable and inspiring night on the town.


Whether you've lived in LA for years or this is your first visit, you are guaranteed new discoveries and a glimpse at the charm that gave tinseltown its appeal in the first place.

It's a unique immersive experience that's full of surprises.

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It's Hollywood, 1953. You don your vintage duds, assume the name of a classic film star and hit the town for an Oscars after-party. But before dinner is served, spend an hour exploring historic sites on Hollywood Boulevard. Which one is the scene of a crime?

hollywood 1940.jpeg


Hollywood Boulevard is the scene of the crime, but which site? Is it Sid Grauman's Egyptian Theatre, built in 1922? The Hillview Apartments, built specifically for actors in 1917? Or how about Musso & Frank, Charlie Chaplin's favorite restaurant established in 1919?


Auntie Boddy_edited.jpg


Singer, artist, entertainer.

She moves in mystery and loves to play games.



Actress, raconteur, socialite. 

She knows all the best places in Hollywood.

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mystery fan steve.jpeg


For Halloween this year, I tried to break out my best Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse, for a Murder Mystery Party on Zoom. My costume didn't look anything like Willem Dafoe, and my impression didn't sound anything like Willem Dafoe, but I had a blast nonetheless. And I even solved a murder!


The most fun I've had in the pursuit of justice!

I see why The New York Times said such good things. Everyone was so creative in different ways. I was cracking up the whole time.

mystery fan heather.jpeg


It was like the game Clue and really fun. Highly recommend this.


My first Mystery Party was a happy surprise! I’d always wanted to try one and was not disappointed: everyone was very welcoming, I could relax and enjoy the fun and even make new friends! Perfect entertainment, a no-pressure environment and easy for newbies like me to pick up and fit right in. I highly recommend giving them a shot!


Highly engaging - will do this again - SO MUCH FUN!

Now available for private parties and corporate celebrations.

Stay informed on tickets for our first public event in 2023!

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100% survival rate

No two mystery parties are alike, and surprises are guaranteed.
We can't wait to meet you and accuse you of murder!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've never attended a murder mystery?

No prior experience is expected or required! Everything you need to know about our story world and the game process is baked into the experience. Mystery Dinners are friendly fun with an edge of effort. For best results, come with an adventurous attitude and a willingness to ask questions!

What do we do at a Hollywood Mystery Party?

The mystery unfolds as we explore Hollywood Boulevard on foot, with April guiding us to the stories and sites of Old Hollywood. Then over dinner (in one of those historic sites), Cherry reveals the latest gossip: someone has been murdered! But no one knows who did it. With prompts from your private stash of insider information, discuss your observations with your fellow guests: what you've seen on the tour, which of you seems the most likely suspect, and which evidence points most convincingly to a killer. 

How much does this cost?

Pricing packages vary depending on a number of factors, but start in the $2,000 range. Tell us a bit more about your group and your interests for a quote.

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