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Connection Bingo

a mystery of human proportions

Who is a dancer?

Who is bilingual?

Who is a birdwatcher?

Who loves dark chocolate?

Who is a knitter?

Who has published a book?

Who has traveled to Virginia (ATD headquarters)?

Who has caught and cooked a fish?

Who has more than three siblings?

Who can balance a book on their head and cross the room?

Who can show an item with ATD or ASTD on it?

Who is reading a T&D book?

What is YOUR superpower?

Enter it below.

Who has an Education degree?

Who has lived outside the United States?

Who is vegan?

Who has an ATD certification?

Who hates pineapple on pizza?

Who can show us a photo of their pet?

Who can show 

a family photo with minors?

Who is double-jointed?

Who can pat their head while rubbing their stomach?

Who can say "Synecdoche"?

Who is a collector?

Who is drinking now (and what beverage)?

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