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The object of the game is to use the process of elimination (and some private investigation) to discover the Suspect, Weapon and Room in which Mister Boddy was killed.


Every guest is a suspect, and every suspect has a different Observation of the evening's events. Every suspect also has two Clues.


Auntie Boddy will lead a few rounds of discussion in which guests both work together AND in competition with one another to determine who did it, where, and with what.


In each round, guests take turns sharing their scripted Observation. You may choose to simply read from the page, or improvise from the information you know.


After each round, we'll discuss our theories and make suggestions about the suspects, weapons and rooms that have caught our attention. 


Feel free to either help or hinder progress as desired. And if you ARE the killer... you have the option to reserve incriminating information!


At the end of the game, guests can make accusations by private chat. Send your picks for the guilty Suspect, Weapon and Room to Auntie Boddy. Then the solution will be revealed. And the winners will be recognized!



1. Nobody knows who the murderer is, not even the murderer.


2. You cannot lie. You may mislead, redirect and even cast suspicion toward other suspects. But no one can say something they know to be incorrect.


Any questions, please ask! Auntie Boddy will reiterate a lot of this while we're playing the game, so don't feel like you have to memorize it.


Send an email to if anything bears clarification.

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