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A headless horseman is terrorizing the village, and his favorite target seems to be Ichabod Crane.

Can a mad midnight assembly suss out the secret of Sleepy Hollow's favorite ghost?

In this virtual family-friendly Mystery Dinner (a comedic twist on the classic tale), guests work together to discover the secrets of the headless horseman... all before dessert!

The game unfolds over Zoom, and is entirely live. Each player takes on a role in the game and works in collaboration (and competition) with the other players.

Starring Hans Obma as Ichabod Crane.

Visit the Mystery Dinners Facebook page to read our five star reviews!

Sleepy Hollow mystery dinners will return in the Spring of 2021.


To be invited to attend, simply email with the Subject heading: Add me to your guest list!

To book a private dinner party for your family celebration or office party, contact us here.

Actor Hans Obma stars as Ichabod Crane in Mystery of Sleepy Hollow
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