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The Future of Mystery Games

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

How do you play a fun and simple (as in, not tons of instructions beforehand) mystery game that allows your imagination to roam - while also helping you connect with your people?

And can you play it from anywhere in the world?

And can you play it more than once?

These are the questions that haunt my imagination.

What if you could take a cool mystery format (like the best board game ever invented) and infuse it with other group games?

What if you could compete against groups of friends around the world in various categories that inspire creativity and even MORe fun?

What if the game could have revolving solutions (just like the aforementioned board game) but also act like a new game every time you play it? Just because you're playing with different people, or in a different environment?

I get really excited about ideas like this. Partly because it makes me think I can offer my customers a really unique experience that gives them a real bang for their buck.

Plus it's fun for me to invent things.

Tell me your favorite literary world. I've been inspired by Dracula's castle, Sleepy Hollow, Dickensian England, and Middle Earth to name a few...

Where else can we play?

Your fellow mystery fan,

Auntie Boddy

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